Scalp micropigmentation is a tattoo on your head to replicate your existing hair follicles.

Typically used for male pattern baldness, various forms of alopecia, female pattern baldness, scarring plus more. We use micro needles with a carbon black pigment diluted to match your skin tone to replicate your existing hair follicles where thinning. This treatment works best when the native hair is shaved down and scalp micropigmentation is used in the thinning areas to match the newly shaved hair to give you the illusion of an all over buzz cut look. Scalp micropigmentation can also be used through long hair to create a denser fuller looking scalp.

Scalp Nation is a UK Award Winning Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Hornchurch, Essex with hair line tattoo expert Will Quaye who specialises in SMP at his clinic 10 minutes from London. 

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