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MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp 5ml Pillow Packs (Pack Of 10)

MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp 5ml Pillow Packs (Pack Of 10)

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MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp (5ml Pillow Packs) SMP PRO

We save you money but you save the planet when you choose Membrane pillow pack. Biodegradable and ECO sound.

Provide 1-3 pillow packs per scalp session depending on size of area. We recommend opening a new packet every 72hrs. for full head, apply 2x daily.

EVERY DAY USE: MicroBalm 5.5 Scalp is an amazing formulation that addresses and heals all different types of scalp irregularities. This includes, dryness, eczema, psoriasis, LPP, insect bites, itchy scalp, various rashes, and more.

It is particularly effective for all hair growth therapies, including light therapy and different microneedling procedures. We recommend applying with clean fingers or a 4x4 gauze to the affected area 1-2x daily for 7-21 days washing your hair and scalp as usual in between uses.

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