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Scalp Micropigmentation For Scarring

Scalp Micropigmentation For Scarring

Scalp scars are incredibly intrusive on life. They have a huge impact on how one sees oneself and can trigger negative emotions.

Here at Scalp Nation there is a fundamental understanding that living with scarring is hard. We know that visible scalp scars can disrupt your identity and cause immense psychological pain and we always treat clients suffering in this way with the utmost respect.

Finding the best-fit solution to conceal your scar requires careful consideration and meticulous planning. If you have a scar that needs camouflaging we suggest that you call us to discuss your story so that we can begin working on a best-fit solution together.

Once we have found your restorative solution and talked you through the step-by-step process, work will take anything from two to four treatments to complete.

Each session will take anything up to half a day and weekly breaks should be left between each scalp micropigmentation session.

To begin your journey of concealing your scar with SMP contact us here today.

How Does SMP Work For Scarring?

The process of camouflaging scars with scalp micropigmentation involves a blending of the linear aspect of the offending site.

It means we will need to smooth out the discrepancies with natural and specialized pigments of varying colours. The pigments will be administered into the scar tissue itself, yet it also needs to harmonize into the surrounding zones.

This requires a razor-sharp accuracy to ensure fully artistic concealment. Depth of pigments is also a consideration as the classic sweet spot where pigment hits dermis is a decidedly trickier process when it comes to scar camouflaging.

Scars are formed when damage occurs to the dermis layer of your skin. This is the second layer which sits under the outer waterproof skin tier which is known as the epidermis.

The result is the marking we know as a scar. Scar tissue has a tendency to form its own identity over time. For this reason, it’s not always possible or advisable to treat brand new scars.

What Are The Risks?

Provided you are a candidate for scalp micropigmentation treatment, the known risk factors of the procedure are actually extremely minimal.

However, there are radical cases, but they are acutely rare. These are usually associated with allergies to pigments. Yet these are predominantly linked to inappropriate pigments being used.

Scalp Nation only uses SMP pigments that are specifically designed for the process and that is also wholly natural.

This diminishes any risk factor but if you are concerned about the possibility or you are prone to allergies, a patch test is always available at the request of the client.

Other potential risk factors are generally linked to poor clinic practices. Scalp Nation is an accomplished clinic using solely sterilized equipment and the highest quality products.

If you are worried about any distinct risk factors, please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns at our clinic. We are always on-hand to listen and advise.

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