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Membrane Microbalm Tattoo Original

Membrane Microbalm Tattoo Original

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Introducing MicroBalm TATTOO Original Formula — this 100% natural concentrated healing salve serves as an important tool to optimize the outcome of all tattoo procedures (I.e- PMU/ SMP, and body tattoos). The power packed, all natural formula supports the delicate healing process and maintains the skin’s existing nutrients by adding the healing properties of selected herbs, oils, and other ingredients. Combined, these elements help to nourish and protect the skin by providing a clean and stabilizing, non pore clogging, breathable barrier. MicroBalm original formula is basically food for the skin – its vibrant green colour reflects the freshness of its ingredients, particularly the energy-packed chlorophyll.

As a post-care healing ointment, it has been infused with hand-selected, fresh, natural and organic ingredients, which aid in calming inflammation and soothing the skin by reducing itching and providing optimal hydration.

MicroBalm original formula provides antioxidants, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties— ensuring that all recovery needs are met with a single product. Packaged with love and care, we have carefully formulated the salve to be highly effective/potent formula that aids and protects the healing tissue, reduce the risk of infection, support the healing process holistically using the gifts of Mother Nature’s garden— all the while tickling your senses with its beautiful ECO sound packaging and delightful scent.

MicroBalm original formula is FREE from lanolin, petroleum, mineral oils, and synthetic ingredients, scented only with essential oils of lavender and chamomile. Essential oils have been used throughout history in herbal medicine to prevent infection and to promote healing. These oils and other ingredients have been specifically chosen for their protective and supportive qualities. Every ingredient has been carefully curated for their contribution to the healing process and our hand crafted salve is proudly manufactured in Canada to the highest standards.

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