The Micropigmentation Podcast Featuring Will Quaye

The Micropigmentation Podcast Featuring Will Quaye

Scalp Nation artist Will Quaye features on episode 18 of The Micropigmentation Podcast with host, Kelly Forshaw-Smith.

In this episode I was interviewed by Kelly Forshaw-Smith from Finishing Touches mainly on my rise in SMP, how i got into the industry, why i got into the industry. We touch on how it all started from the very beginning....including how Scalp Nation was born!

I explain my struggles in getting started with SMP how I went through my fundamental training to having to practise relentlessly to get to where i am today. Also how I chose my training provider.

 We also touch on my marketing strategies and how i've gained my clientele.

The pandemic and lockdowns was a tough time for most, in this episode I talk about what i done to keep busy during those times whilst we wasn't able to treat clients.

We talk about how difficult SMP actually is! Apparently its just dots!!!! wrong!!!! hahaha blood sweat and tears goes into every treatment.

Clients pain thresholds and easy sitting clients.... alot was covered in this episode that I believe would be valuable for new artists and clients understanding SMP and expectation. Enjoy!

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