SMP Pre-Treatment Advice

SMP Pre-Treatment Advice

Thank you for booking your SMP treatment with Scalp Nation.  

Before your journey begins we would advise you to do the following:

  • Prior to your first session please apply moisturising cream or balm to your scalp on a daily basis (twice a day).  We recommend Membrane scalp balm (which can be found on the website) or any non-perfumed moisturiser. This will help prepare your skin to allow for optimum results.
  • Please do not apply any hair concealers/ fibres or hair systems the day of the treatment.  You can wear a loose hat or cap to and from the clinic.
  • Two days prior to treatment you can stop wet shaving, razor shaving. If you cut your hair with a foil shaver or clippers please do this the night before your treatment.
  • Please do not consume any alcohol drugs or caffeine on the day of treatment.  
  • If you currently take minoxidil please stop this one week prior to your appointment and whilst under treatment. Any prescribed medication can be taken as normal.
  • If you present signs of being unwell or under the influence your treatment will then be rescheduled and a 50% session charge will be applied.

If on the day of treatment, you are running late please advise the clinic at your earliest convenience. 

If your technician feels that your arrival time will affect your booked session then this may have to be rescheduled.  In doing so this will incur a 50% of session charge.

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