How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

Are you considering scalp micropigmentation and are unsure if it's suitable for you?

Unlike other hair loss treatments, scalp micropigmentation is purely cosmetic. As such, many clients have questions such as how long scalp micropigmentation lasts, whether it fades, and whether scalp micropigmentation can be removed.

All of these are valid questions which will be answered in this post so you can make a more informed decision on your hair loss treatments and choose what is suitable for you.

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

How long does scalp micropigmentation last will be dependent on multiple factors. Typically, most clients find that they need a touch-up anywhere from 18 months to five years post-procedure.

There is no definitive timeline due to variables that cannot be controlled, such as how much sun exposure the treated area gets, your skin colour, your immune system, how you care for it and so on.

Some patients with darker skin tones might find that they don't need as frequent touch-ups as those with paler skin, and people who moisturise the area regularly, wear hats in the sunlight and generally care for it better could find they, too, can go longer between sessions. Others might find their immune system rejects the pigmentation and pushes it out of the skin faster, requiring more frequent top-ups.

Sadly, there is no way of knowing prior to treatment how long your scalp micropigmentation will last or how often you will require touch-ups.

However, the most common cause of pigmentation fading is sun exposure, so covering up your treated area in sunlight will help you extend the vibrancy of the treatment for a longer time.

Another factor to consider is how you perceive the colour on a daily basis. Some people will be more acutely aware of any changes than others; some might find they prefer a less vibrant colour, especially for those who are starting to lose their natural hair colour and are going grey as it will blend more evenly as it fades. 

This is something you can discuss with your practitioner after your treatment to find a touch-up schedule that works for you.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Permanent? 

Scalp micropigmentation is classed as a permanent procedure. While it might fade over time, it will always remain on the skin and be visible even if it loses its initial occurrence of vibrancy, regardless of whether you go for touch-ups.

As this treatment is permanent if you are to change your mind once you have the scalp micropigmentation for any reason, our preferences change over time as we get older, so while it might be perfect for you now, future, you might think differently for example, you will need to undergo potentially lengthy and perceive treatment options to remove the pigmentation fully.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Fade? 

Over time, scalp micropigmentation will fade. Despite its permanency, the treatment will be prone to fading in two different ways.

Initially, once the recovery post-treatment has taken place, you may notice a change in how the colour looks. This is completely natural and down to the healing process. Your body will dictate the results once the treated area has healed, and this might be different than the initial results and should be expected.

Secondly, lifestyle and biological factors will impact how fast or how much your pigmentation fades. Moisturising the area every day can help you reduce the severity of the fade or duration your treatment takes it to fade; limiting UV exposure again will help you to lessen how much fade you can expect, as can wearing sunscreen or exfoliating too, and anything else might be out of your control.

For this reason, multiple treatments are recommended to help you revive your results. Think of it like dying your hair but on a less frequent basis.

Can scalp micropigmentation be removed? 

As needles are used to deposit the pigmentation superficially into the dermis of the scalp, the process of removing scalp micropigmentation is similar to removing a tattoo. Scalp micro-pigmentation is considered permanent, and as such, if you aren't happy with the results, you have one of two options. 

Firstly, you can wait for it to fade out naturally over the years; remember, as discussed above, it won't stay as vibrant as the initial results forever. This way, over time, as you age and your natural hair changes colour, the results will be less visible, although never fully gone.

Secondly, you can choose removal procedures to help you remove the pigmentation. Laser removals, saline removals and the UNDO system are methods that have worked for clients looking to remove scalp micropigmentation for any reason.

However, depending on the treatment method and how the pigmentation was administered, as well as your body's reaction to pigmentation and the removal methods, it can take anywhere from two to ten treatments to remove fully, making it painful in some cases and expensive to carry out.

Scalp Micropigmentation FAQs

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This will depend on various factors such as how well the initial treatment took, how you care for the treated area post-application, and other factors, including your personal preference for the colour vibrancy, your skin tone and how your body reacts to the pigmentation.

Typically, you can expect to require scalp micropigmentation touch-ups every 18 months to 5 years post-initial treatment.

How Fast Does Scalp Micropigmentation Fade?

Patients experience scalp micropigmentation fading at various speeds. For example, those who expose the area to sunlight and don't care for it properly might experience faster fade rates than those who use these preservation techniques.

People with darker skin tones might notice they go longer between touch-ups for fading than people with lighter skin; there is no definitive timeline for how fast skin micropigmentation fades

Can I Get Scalp Micropigmentation Removed?

Scalp micropigmentation is classed as a permanent cosmetic treatment, and if you do change your mind and want it removed, you can either choose laser removal treatments to remove the pigmentation or you can wait for it to fade out naturally over time.

If you want to learn more about scalp micropigmentation or discuss your options, get in touch with Scalp Nation today to book your consultation.

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