Alex's SMP Story

Alex's SMP Story

Alex came over from the USA to see scalp micropigmentation artist Will Quaye and no longer wears a hat to hide his head.

Our dear client Alex travelled all the way from Rhode Island USA to receive SMP with us. What an honour.... when someone travels that far for the goods it would be rude not to provide a first class service!

Alex had been searching the internet for over two years and had done some extensive research into scalp micropigmentation before putting his trust into us. "you guys are no.1 by far! 100%" was his exacts words.

Alex chose to have his first and second session within a week of each other whilst he was visiting London, then would return for his third and final session one month later. 1000's of miles were travelled "do your research, don't go to a chop shop"

Check out the results....

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